About Ken Anson - Urology

Mr Ken Anson is one of London's top urologists, well known for his professional expertise and patient centred approach.

"My greatest satisfaction comes from taking care of my patients. My goal is to provide them with the highest level of expertise at all stages of their healthcare journey". Ken Anson.


When you become a patient of Mr Ken Anson you have access to world class treatment from a world class consultant working with a team of experienced and caring healthcare professionals.


Mr Ken Anson prides himself on being able to tailor the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques for you. Ken and his multidisciplinary team, based at the clinic, are able to offer an accurate and rapid diagnosis of your urology condition and have a vast array of treatment options available at their fingertips.


Mr Ken Anson is a teaching hospital consultant who has been providing world-class care to urology patients in the United Kingdom for over 20 years. He specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract stone disease (kidney stones), kidney obstruction, haematuria (blood in the urine) and recurrent UTIs.


Mr Ken Anson is a leading specialist in the treatment of many urological conditions utilising the latest minimally invasive techniques embracing modern endoscopic techniques, laser technology and extracorporeal shockwave lithrotripsy.

Outstanding urological care in the heart of London

Devonshire Street, a stone's throw from Harley Street, enjoys a worldwide reputation as a centre of private medical excellence.

  • UTIs

    Mr Ken Anson uses advanced approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of UTI in his patients.

  • Kidney Stones

    Ken has expertise in minimally invasive surgery, specifically endoscopic management of all types of urinary conditions and complex urinary tract stones.

World class urological care

Mr Ken Anson is passionate about high-quality patient care, he routinely uses state-of-the-art technology and minimally invasive surgical techniques to deliver faster patient recovery time, fewer surgical complications and an overall excellent experience.

Outstanding care across a range of urological conditions in one of London's leading private hospitals.



Diagnosis of a condition is based on a patient’s story combined with urine and blood tests, you may also need scans depending on your condition.


Ken Anson can address a variety of urological conditions and also has particular expertise in the diagnosis of complex urological problems.


Learn how Ken Anson provides personalised, patient centred care tailored to meet your unique urological needs.


Keep up to date with Mr Ken Anson and learn more about the world of urology.